Have these top free android apps for mobiles

Much alike various classes of Android applications, the games applications accessible for your Android phones are different at greater degrees.  As we could see, this specific class might be the most known on account of all the diverse games that are played all around the world. Obviously with each game comes several Android applications.

If for example, you’re searching for an application that will permit you to stay aware of the numerous soccer associations, you need some assistance before you begin downloading top free android apps for mobiles. In the event that you go in visually impaired, odds are you will download ten applications that sound like they would do the trap before you discover one that does half what you would need it to do! That is exactly how it is. We simply trust that on the off chance that you find applications that way, you are doing as such with free applications else you could be out many dollars lovely darn brisk.

In spite of the fact that there are a considerable number of Android games applications that do numerous bigger number of things than giving games news, We are focusing on top free android apps for mobiles on this specific rundown.

F1 Live Racing

Is it accurate to say that you are a Formula 1 fan? This app gives more than just a live updates for each F1 race all around the globe. Plain and straightforward, the design and the components are entertaining. On the off chance that you download this application, you won’t be baffled!

NBA Game Time Lite 2009-10

This is the authority NBA Android application from last season. This coming season’s application will unquestionably be far better! It gives all the player, continuous scores, team stats and even TV information to know on what channel your most loved group is playing on! In case you’re a NBA fan and you need a standalone genius basketball application, this is your best alternative.

ESPN ScoreCenter

I truly shouldn’t need to say much more than this is an official ESPN application. ESPN is “The Worldwide Leader In Sports” with all things considered!

MMA News

All the recent results, up and coming matches and octagon tattle you’d ever need! In case you’re into Mixed Martial Arts, this is the application to get. IMO, it clears out some other MMA-related Android application.

Major League Baseball News

There is an excess of baseball data packed into this application! On the off chance that you can’t get enough of MLB, you have to download this top free Android app for mobiles now. Alongside with the standard details, standings and results, each team has their own particular page and you can modify your own RSS feed through this application!


The greater part of the enormous games are secured by this application and it’s much obvious why a huge number of individuals truly like it! It’s carefuly done and you’ll never complain about a lack of information details or data. In case you’re searching for only one free Android sports application to fulfill your games fix, you can’t turn out badly with either ESPN ScoreCenter or SportsTap!

Have these top free android apps for mobiles that can assist you without wasting your time. Whether you are a long time user or an android newbie you’ll definitely need have some apps that can make your life much more easier and just get you the enjoyable experiences.


Build the apps you desire free of cost

With the instantly growing android users, the android platform is increasing at a phenomenal rate all around the globe. More than 500 android devices have already been flooded in the android market. To make this particular market more popular the app store provides free android apps so that it can be downloaded by android users without any trouble. There are around millions of apps in the appstore that can help you have the best. Did this thought ever striked your mind that you can create your own application and also make it visible to the entire world. Isn’t it bit tacky to check all the codes, html, css and make your own application. Yes, you can build up your own application by getting yourselves registered into some easy websites that can help you. Here, we have rounded up 5 easy sites that will help you to create your own android apps for almost free within few minutes. No need to worry for coding, css designs, html with these websites that help you to create professional applications within a fraction of seconds.

AppMaker: This is one of the easy, convenient way to create your own android application. The application makes it easy to create an application of your own choice and even images. Appmaker is enhanced with the various templates, layouts that you can select accordingly. The user needs to follow some simple steps to get the entire process completed. After all the steps are completed you can submit it for getting it reviewed. As soon as your application is accepted and shortlisted you can instantly download it from the Google Playstore.

app maker

AppsGeyser:  One of the fastest and simplest growing app that allows you to build, distribute, monetize your applications in just one place. A free service that entirely transforms your content into a application. You can create your app as per your desire including social sharing, messaging, tabs and full support for the HTML enhancements. This can help you make lot of money as soon as the users start downloading the particular applications made by you.

AppsGeyser app maker

AppYet: The application helps you build applications for the website. The application helps you to convert the RSS feeds into an android application. AppYet offers you to create and sell your application in the market to increase your business and leave an earning hand for you. One of the best application that allows you to create, monetize and sell your apps in the market.




iBuild: iBuild is the most desired app in the market to have the best for you. A simple, convenient  and easy to use mobile app creation, management and hosting platform. This uniquely designed platform allows different businesses to create and publish both android and iOS app in just a fraction of minutes. iBuild offers you the best, customizable user interface that is solution based with the widgets for contact us, video, RSS, Facebook/Twitter, coupons. These widgets are built with iBuild app specifications and can be further installed in any application with the single click.




Andromo: Andromo is one of the faster, better and smarter means of getting your applications as per your desire. No need to worry for codes, html, css and much more for creating your own personal apps. You can make professional applications of your own choice without getting into a hap-hassled situation of coding tricks.


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Downloading Free Music for your iPad devices

We are on a journey of a musical platform for iPad, iTunes and iPod where we come to have many streaming music files, apps so that music is all time reachable to us. The fact could not be denied that music is engrained much deep into this Apple habitat that it is a bit natural for iPad and iPhone users to be vital audiophiles. With too many music streaming apps in the market including iTunes Radio, Pandora, Spotify and more, you can uniquely access free music for iPad anywhere anytime free of cost. Each user wants to enjoy, download and install the best music in their devices and yes: free music download for iPad has become a lot more easy and simple with the huge advancements in the application world.

free music dowload for ipad

Have you ever thought of downloading music or video files to your iPhone or iPad? If your answer is yes then you could have many free apps that could help you in a way better situations to stay connected for your love with any sort of music. You can download free music for iPad via Free MP3 Downloader. Let’s see how to download free music on your iPad devices with the help of the application.

Firstly, Download and install Free MP3 Downloader on your iPad or iPhone.

Secondly, Open the app and search the songs in it.

Thirdly, Tap on the download link and get the song into your iPad or iPhone.

So it’s quite easy to download free songs with the help of this app, don’t you feel so? Yes, it’s too much easy for you to get free music to your devices. There are many ways to download free songs to your iPad devices without any trouble. These methods are discussed as follows to get you a musical treat like never before.

Free Music Downloads for iPad

  1. Try using Free Music for iPad via applications: These apps may include Musi (free app) used to stream songs from Youtube and other Airplay enable devices. Beats Music, Spotify Music are few other streaming apps online for music freaks. If you want to listen to high quality music then go for some paid applications in the app store.
  2. Try Downloading Free music from site to your device: Download free music for your iPad devices from the well-known websites like mp3.com, incompetech.com, mp3pm.com, freemusicarchive.org
  3. Try Importing music from various devices: You can get few songs from your family members, colleagues or friends by carefully transferring them to your iPhone from their Mac, iPod, iPad or another iPhone. The major tool to manage music in iPad or iPhones is iTunes which enables the users to sync the purchased songs from your computer to our device. Read More

Best Music app for iphone

For all the music lovers, enjoying music will just  do wonders to change the mood and make you feel lively. Most of us can’t even resist music and like to listen on the mobile devices as they have become an integral part of our day to day life. This is the main reason for why every one of us is uniquely searching for the best music app for iPhone, android, iPod or iPad. Fortunately, there are too many music apps in the store that won’t tax your pockets anymore and can get you to the tappifying world of unique and attractive music. We have aggregated the music apps for you to let you have the best.


Spotify is a free music application to get you the best music at your smartphones. One of the best music app for iphone is free to enter into the list of top apps into your smartphones.  The application offers you to easily access latest music anywhere, anytime. Spotify allows you to play any song online with a perfect personalized playlist that can change your mood. The application is enhanced with an ample amount of features that surely helps you to manage, revamp, design your playlists with a proper soundtrack in the way you desire. You can enjoy an uninterrupted music anytime anywhere. The application is enhanced with the perfect features that offers you the best music at all fronts, gapless playbacks, collaborative playlists and all new features for runners. The application allow you to download the music from your computer to the mobile phone. Just a small application and you have everything what you desire.

Spotify music

Awesome Features:

  • Can add tracks as per your mood.
  • Easily customizable user interface.
  • Offers to visit the music selection with the streaming video.
  • Expands the music playlist.
  • Can easily download the playlists from the computer to your personal phones.
  • Offers a personalized system of getting the music into your hands.
  • Application acts as your electronic jogging buddy.
  • Offers new additions with streaming videos, talk radios, podcasts and also the improved recommendations of perfect AI.

Google Play Music:

Google Play Music offers you free music online for what you are actually doing, the way you are feeling or what you actually want to hear. The uniquely designed application allows you to instantly access your cloud-based music collection in just one go. Google Play Music altogether offers you a free, ad-supported radio for what you are actually wishing. Instantly start the music based on the artists, songs, moods, genre, activity and lots more. The application offers you the best music free of cost anywhere, anytime. Google Play Music can  store up to 50,000 songs from your personal music collection. The application is enhanced with the best streaming quality so that you can easily stream music to the devices over the data connection by using cloud storage.


Awesome Features:

  • Can easily sort music files through various options that includes songs, albums, playlists and the generes.
  • You can have perfect options to add the songs from the playlists or searching for more options with artists online.
  • Can uniquely create a radio based on the artist, song and album that you wish for.
  • Enhanced with the Listen Now, recently played music and the improved recommendations
  • Allows you to pick a radio station that soothe your mood.
  • App also acts as a perfect jogging friend.


With Saavn, you can enjoy music as per your needs. Saavn gets you to the unlimited, free access to all your English, Hindi, regional songs, radio stations anywhere and anytime where you move. The application drives you crazy with its features to listen the music, create your own playlists, download the songs of your favorite artists and get your feet tapped as per your moods. Saavn helps you to stay connected to your favorite singer, Indian/ International artists and play online music for getting you engrooved into the perfect music. Groove your body and enjoy each bit of musical shower within your smartphones. You can follow your friends in order to stay updated all time, share the music on social media by staying connected with your friends and enjoy your favorite songs. Have fun and party hard.


Awesome Features:

  • Listen to the awesome streaming music online.
  • Listen free-unlimited music anytime, anywhere.
  • Share your favorite songs on social media.
  • Get notified with each recent musical updates.
  • Enjoy music as per your moods.
  • Crerate and groove yourselves with the expert playlists..
  • Tap yourselves on the beats of radio stations.


PlayerPro gets you to the best video and music player for the iOS devices. One of the best music app for iPhone allows you to enjoy the best music for you. PlayerPro is one of the best sound editor, soundtracker and composer online for all the music freaks. Shake and move your pulses with the musical app. Play, Browse your music by albums, genres, songs, playlists, album artists and the folders. The music library includes album, artwork, artist pictures, genre illustrations. PlayerPro has a choice of 2 lock screen widgets with many customization options like sound toggler, skip tracks using volume buttons, background selection, skin selection, swipe selection with the time display online and also you can import, export your music ratings and the history with the top listed, top played, least played, recently played selections online anywhere and at anytime.

free pro music

Awesome Features:

  • Play music tracks anywhere anytime.
  • Allows perfect editing of music files.
  • Easily view the lyrics embedded in the music files.
  • Enhanced with the auto update feature.
  • Get you to the perfect music stats, rating as per the duration, podcast, year and the file path.
  • Export and Import music history online.
  • Set music controls (Bass-control, Pre-amp control, Stereo widening control).
  • Design your own playlists.
  • Choice of 2 lock screen widgets with many customization options.
  • Unlock sliders, selects your music folder and get yourselves grooving.

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Free Music Downloads For iPad

Fun, entertainment are the strongest part of iPad and each one of you will agree with the fact that iPad does a great work in handling all your digital media. Here, At Abeapps; you can easily search for all the free music downloads for ipad at your devices. You can easily listen to music, can view the videos, edit your music, see pictures, can go online,  instantly access social hubs and interact with all your friends. Searching for free music downloads for ipad is lot more necessary to get you awesome results that you can enjoy all together at your iPad.

Free Music Downloads for iPad

Best Free iPhone Apps

What else you can expect than a free app at your devices that you desire from such a long time period. Don’t you think that free word itself comes with a big smile on our faces. Yes, it’s not an easy task to select the free iPhone apps from an app store without any help. So, here we are to assist you that can easily allow you to select the best free iPhone apps without any trouble. These free apps include all the categories that can be helpful for you to get the best at your devices. At Abeapps, you can get what you demand and download each application within fraction of seconds.

free iPhone apps

Are Mobile Apps beneficial for your Children?

Mobile apps got to be a good turn around all over the market. Using these apps helps you stay connected with a people without any trouble. Yes, whether it’s shopping, ordering food, booking travel tickets, show tickets, searching a cafe or bookshop nearby our smartphones are not less than anything. Educational apps for android also help the users in guiding, building knowledge and try to understand basic tips and tricks regarding any topic. You must be wondering that how something so advanced as a mobile app can help in early education for children. This is something true that kids of this generation are not like us they are more the children of the computer age. Smartphones are a full-fledged gadget for knowledge to offer you fruitful results. We come across many apps in the store and should keep in mind that not all apps are basically designed for entertainment, there are some educational apps too that can help your kids with a lot. There are many apps that are used in schools and colleges too. Come to the applications that are uniquely designed for toddlers. These apps offer your child the knowledge through learning via playing method. You need to understand this is just the tender age when your child is into the process of mental development and you can help him grow with this education. Learning is really a fun via the approach the developers use for developing these apps for your kids. Let’s see how these applications are developed.

  • Interactive: A proper interaction and a perfect chain with the inter-related relationships with the products can help to understand things really well. Have you ever wondered that why these games are fun to play then let us make it clear that as soon as we pass the level, a new level is unlocked double your fun. Thus, these educational apps for android offer virtual rewards once you pass the level.



  • Fun Learning: Apps can be helpful to offer you learning the process as fun. These apps are uniquely designed for the kids that put an extra emphasis on their learning ability with a maximized engagement for your kid. These educational apps for android are entertaining and also strengthen the child’s knowledge base.
  • Portability: These mobile apps are portable  and this is one of the main reason why the applications are mostly popular amongst a huge population. Get your child engaged in these educational apps.
  • Progress Tracking: Some of the educational apps are such awesomely designed that they allow the user to get notifications, updates and feedbacks about all the progress. Also, get the assessment reports as per schools to see the progress.
  • Appearance: The applications are such beautifully designed so that your kid can easily engage himself with the new educational apps in the market. The perfect appearance of each character in the app can help your child to do well and have easy learning process.

There are too many educational apps for android in the app market that could make your job difficult to get the best app for your child. So, take help from Google to know most downloaded, high-rated and most popular apps that are stealing the hearts of each parent and the kids. The moment you know this stuff your work becomes much easier than ever before. Now, you know the apps so download then on your smartphones and get your kid engaged into it to increase his mental level and learning the process in a much simpler and faster way. Involve them in the various practice test, reward them and interact with them to sort out each problem.

Android Free Apps Download

Applications are one of the most important things used in our smartphones. Mobile apps have already become an integral part these days. More than half of the population is fond of android free apps download that can help them to spend their leisure time, can easily get them connected to their friends, family and turn their smartphones into perfect device. This can help you to guide to some of our favorite applications. Here at Abeapps, we are unable to cover each and everything but we can assure you to always offer the best at your hands. We will keep all the android free applications including messenger apps, gaming apps, browser apps, podcast apps, music apps and lots more so that you can enjoy your time and make it worth spending with your smartphones.

free app download for android

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Trending Free Mobile Gaming Apps for Android:

Have you ever thought, what’s the next big thing in the market nowadays? It’s definitely the gaming applications that are ruling the entire app store. We come across users who wanted to get engaged into the gaming apps and have fun loving experiences at their handsets like never before. The app store is flooded with both free and paid apps to cater the interest of each user. Choosing the perfect free game app for android is a lot more difficult than we actually think. The free games for android comes in many categories that include puzzle, shooter, card, arcade, racing, driving, adventure, platformer, simulation games to ease your process of getting the perfect application for your smartphones. Here, we are with the best free android games that offer you an awesome gaming experience. With the gaming applications you can have the best browser apps in the hands.
Gaming apps are one of the perfect things to indulge during your spare time. You can spend hours on getting yourselves occupied everytime. The appstore offers you free game apps that you can select accordingly. There is a lot of choice in the market that basically includes all types of games that could get you to the most interesting journey. Games like Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Plants Vs. Zombies, Dr. Driving and a lot more are free game apps for andoid that can swipe away your timings and get you to solve different puzzles, adventures in the upcoming journey. Whether you are in your office with the boring environment, having a boring travelling journey or couldn’t pass your time, then games always serve as a perfect savior for you. Users can download all the games for free in their Android mobile and have fun while playing these. Without paying any cost you can enjoy the best games at your devices.